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Investment bank JPMorgan Chase & Co is testing the application of its blockchain system for high-quality calculations. Last week, JPMorgan implemented a trial deal. Based on it, two companies moved shares of a tokenized type from the Black Rock Inc. fiat asset market.
The Brazilian Federal Reserve has ruled that citizens who trade in digital assets are liable to pay income tax, even if the digital assets are not subsequently converted into fiat money. Additionally, taxes must also be paid from exchange processes.
The Brave browser has received high-quality support for SLP-based tokens. This was written in his own blog by one of the developers of this startup. In addition to tokens, the browser allows you to purchase, sell and save the SOL altcoin using the Brave Wallet. In addition, the use of native BAT tokens in the Solana ecosystem using Wormhole is provided. This is also available on other blockchains that Ethereum supports. This implementation is an important step in reaching the one billion user base for Web 3.
To date, the case of recognizing XRP as a security is being actively considered. The Securities and Exchange Commission is involved in the case, but it is categorically opposed to investors working with XRP cryptocurrency to defend Ripple in court. In particular, the commission took this position after some holders tried to intervene in the trial.
Tracking Bitcoin transactions is a fairly easy process, but there are exceptions. If senders use mixers, they can complicate the journey from real identity to cryptocurrency address.
The event, which everyone has been talking about since the fall, took place - France showed the world a new digital currency issued by the Central Bank of the state. Not so long ago, the national token was tested, and it was successful - at least, its first stage. The token was used for intrabank settlements; from a technical point of view, the project was implemented based on the blockchain technology of the Ethereum network.
According to experts from the analytical company Messari, miners receive almost 99 percent of the fees when working with the Ethereum and Bitcoin systems.
The Ripple company, led by its head Mr. Brad Garlinghouse, has developed plans for the further development of the XRP token as one of the tools in making payments. According to the head of the company, this token is more suitable for payment transactions than Bitcoin or Ethereum, since it has a high speed of transactions, as well as a low level of energy consumption.

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