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The CEO of Morgan Creek Capital Management, Mark Yusko, is confident that the value of bitcoin will renew its all-time high in the current market cycle.
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced the transition from OMNI addresses of USDT tokens to addresses of the ERC-20 standard
According to David Solomon, the financial institution is conducting extensive research on asset tokenization.
The trading platform is ready to start full-fledged work based on EOSIO technology
The first round of the initial exchange offer starts approximately on August 1, there will be three in total. With the help of the new altcoin, users of the trading platform will be able to access bonuses and various offers of the company.
According to the decree of the President of Uzbekistan, now cryptocurrency trading is becoming legal in the state, and exchanges can freely obtain a license to operate if they fulfill the relevant requirements. If an exchange registered in another state plans to operate on the territory of Uzbekistan, it will have to create and register a subsidiary exchange in this country, as well as carry out activities in compliance with all current legislation.

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