Earn on exchanges with our service
Dear Clients! The administration of our platform invites you to participate in the referral program and get additional profit. If a user invites a new member to the system, he is guaranteed to receive a certain percentage of the web service"s income. The amount of remuneration is indicated in the table below. Under the terms of the program, rewards are also credited for the activity of users attracted by partner"s referrals.
Referral charges can be withdrawn if the invitee has 5 or more referrals. Also, each of the 5 referrals must have at least one successful application.
Referral fees are not credited if the exchange service receives a profit of less than 0.6%, such payments include conversion operations with a surcharge from the service. The payment of referral rewards is made after 24-48 hours after the creation of the withdrawal request.
It is forbidden to use your referral link to create new accounts by the same user. It is also prohibited to use bulk messaging to promote your referral link and advertising materials on pyramids, HYIPs, and similar sites.
In case of violation of the terms of the affiliate program, the site administration has the right to cancel the partner"s bonuses or freeze his account.
The exchange service reserves the right to revise the terms of reward in the referral program at any time, due to the risk of fraudulent activities or any other factors that we consider appropriate.
Referral remuneration
is accrued according to the following scheme:
From the total amount of processed applications submitted by first-level referrals. These include system participants who were invited personally by the user.
From the amount of applications for second-level referrals. These include the clients of the service who were invited by the referrals of a particular user.

The Mchange electronic currency exchange online service provides the ability to perform transactions directly from a mobile device in the Telegram messenger or use the light version of the site for faster page loading.