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According to Trustnodes, the implementation of new rules in the blockchain system (Hardfork Berlin) in the Ethereum platform has been suspended due to the need to improve updates. The main developer of the system, Hudson Jameson, assured two weeks ago that the development was nearing completion and, in general, everything was going well.
For five years, Cardano developers have researched and created a new sharding technology called Hydra. Thanks to this project, it is possible to significantly increase the scaling of the 2nd level, using the so-called hydra heads.
About 13 thousand coins, totaling $ 117 million, which were in the asset of PlusToken, a cryptocurrency pyramid, were sent to the so-called mixers, that is, mixing services.
Anthony Pompliano, who co-founded Morgan Creek Digital, has been quite critical of Ethereum. He compares cryptocurrency to fiat money. However, analysts from Weiss Ratings are not ready to agree with this position.
They began to talk about the possible increase in the complexity of bitcoin mining against the background of the expected cryptographic mining equipment.
Today experts say with certainty that the launch of the Telegram Open Network platform and the Gram TON currency will take place at the end of October this year. However, it will not be so easy to become a member of the system and buy Gram at first.
Despite regulatory problems, the association does not intend to deviate from its original plans. The social networking stablecoin is due to launch in the second half of 2020.
The first cryptocurrency acts as a protective asset during financial instability, analysts at the investment company say

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