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JPMorgan is testing its blockchain

Investment bank JPMorgan Chase & Co is reportedly testing the use of its blockchain system for high-quality settlements.

Last week, JPMorgan implemented a trial deal. Based on it, two companies moved shares of a tokenized type from the Black Rock Inc. fiat asset market.

A market fund is a type of investment fund that is an investment with a low risk factor. This is due to the fact that this process opens an entry to liquid type assets with a short period. Such as fiat funds, their counterparts and loan funds with a fairly high level of lending.

If we consider JPMorgan's plan for the created blockchain. The bank announced that it has intentions to provide depositors to attach a large list of assets for collateral. All this can be done outside of the work schedule.

“We have been able to achieve a fast transfer of loan resources without slowdowns.” BlackRock was not a contractor, but he provides work in this project. In addition to this, they have been studying this technology from the very first days.

JPMorgan has been active in blockchain for a long time, and also organized an ODA at the end of 2020. This startup is a blockchain that makes it possible to work, implement recording and exchange cryptocurrency between DVP classes. The head of the bank said that he has a desire to identify a trend that considers a wide range of classic transactions based on the blockchain network.

“An increasing set of financial activities are planned, which are implemented on an open access blockchain. Our goal is to make sure we are eligible to support and be ready to provide services.”

Also this week, the Bank of Europe implemented the first transaction with the help of the OP to implement the study of trading with tokens in the area with established income. A director from a European bank said:

“Token assets and Onyx coins will help you manage your liquidity operations accurately throughout the day. All this will provide an opportunity to create a basis for increasing the speed of work and adjusting the provision. As a result, all this will reduce the risks of domestic loans.”

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