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Brave Browser Adds Support for Solana-Based Tokens

The Brave browser has received high-quality support for SLP-based tokens. This was written in his own blog by one of the developers of this startup. In addition to tokens, the browser allows you to purchase, sell and save the SOL altcoin using the Brave Wallet.

In addition, the use of native BAT tokens in the Solana ecosystem using Wormhole is provided. This is also available on other blockchains that Ethereum supports. This implementation is an important step in reaching the one billion user base for Web 3.

In addition to this, in the future, the browser will be able to partner with the NFT marketplace MJack Eden. It should help expand the list of supported digital assets so that altcoin owners have the right to use it to implement trading operations with NFTs.

It was recently published that browser clients have accessed various decentralized sites in excess of 30 thousand units. Also, free use affected domains running on the blockchain in the amount of seven hundred units. Each of them will be opened from ordinary computers running Windows, Linux and so on, in addition, development is underway to introduce devices based on Android.

An extremely important component of the implementation operation is the support from the Brave browser of networks with a decentralized structure. They perform their functionality separately from the system of the classic type of services for the provision of domain names. In recent times, the protocols of these services have often been the target of criticism. This was due to the fact that they have several problems that are directly associated with their activity. These include the presence of complete centralization, which does not guarantee anonymity, censorship that restricts freedom of action, as well as frequent phishing, DOS and hacker attacks on the system.

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