Reviews about our service
everything is clear
01 March 2020, 11:05
The possibility of exchanging a small amount was very pleasing: this should always be the case. I had a question-I received high-quality operational support. Specialists work — what can I say? Thanks!
29 February 2020, 23:10
Everything went Well! This exchanger was used for the first time, but I recommend it to everyone.
29 February 2020, 23:01
Thank you, the exchange for Beber was completed successfully!
28 February 2020, 02:50
Monero on VISA RUB. Good course. The money was transferred. Everything is fine. Thanks.
27 February 2020, 19:40
Everything is great, everything was clear during the exchange, no questions, well done, I recommend the service!
27 February 2020, 09:59
I threw off a five with Tinkoff on the cue ball, from the beginning of filling out the application to 3 confirmations took a total of no more than 20 minutes, I am happy with everything.
26 February 2020, 16:15
I changed ether to a Sberbank card, the money came quickly, thank you
25 February 2020, 18:01
A clear exchanger, the SBR on ~wawes only 5 minutes of waiting, its very good, so I think
24 February 2020, 14:11
Thank you for the exchange, I liked the course, I will come again!
22 February 2020, 03:02

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